How Obedience Training Can Enrich Your Dog’s Life

Your retriever mix Zeus has brought a new dimension to your neighborhood walks. In fact, you’d compare these workouts to any cardio routine. The ordeal begins when your rambunctious three-year-old dog eagerly drags you out the door. He happily pulls you down the street, moving at a fast trot as you tightly clutch his leash. Occasionally, he stops to leave a calling card, allowing you to catch your breath. You’ve had enough of Zeus’ out-of-control behavior. Fortunately, your Coachella Valley, CA veterinary clinic referred you to a well-known dog trainer; and she has invited your pooch into an upcoming obedience class. After he graduates, you should see positive behavioral changes.

More Predictable Behavior

Because Zeus is a ninety-pound wrecking ball, he can’t return to the dog park until he displays better manners. Your dog-owning friends have removed you from the doggie playdate list. However, after your companion completes his obedience class, you might be able to resolve those situations.

After graduation, he should willingly sit, stay, come when called, and heel rather than tearing down the street at breakneck speed. Even when he meets a canine buddy, or sees your friend with a snack, he should continue to obey your commands.

Better Socialization Skills

Your undisciplined pooch could be lacking in socialization skills. During his class, the instructor will teach him to interact calmly with other dogs.

By the course’s completion, your outgoing dog will likely acquire some canine buddies. More importantly, he’ll learn about acceptable (and unacceptable) behavior. Finally, he’ll receive that coveted Course Completion Certificate, noting that he has mastered each targeted task.

Pleasurable Human/Canine Bonding

Zeus is an intelligent pooch with an easygoing personality. Even with those positive traits, however, you’ve been hesitant to bond with this uncontrollable dog. After he completes basic obedience training, and accepts his behavioral boundaries, your relationship might gain a new dimension.

Enjoyable Social Circle

While Zeus develops his obedience skills, you’ll meet other pet parents who face similar frustrations. You’ll likely celebrate your dogs’ successes; and you could gain some new friends. In fact, you could develop a brand-new social circle containing calmer owners and better-behaved pooches.

When Zeus next visits your Coachella Valley, CA veterinary clinic, he should be a well-behaved patient who doesn’t try to escape from the hospital. If your dog lacks discipline, contact us for expert advice.

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