Help Your Cat to Enjoy a Low-Stress Lifestyle

Your brand-new calico cat Chessie has just gotten a new lease on life. Yesterday afternoon, you adopted this colorful girl from your city’s animal shelter. After bringing her home, you presented her with a comfy bed, a handcrafted collar, and numerous enticing toys. This morning, she visited your Riverside County, CA pet clinic for a new patient exam and a balanced diet. To keep Chessie calm and happy, consider these low-stress lifestyle guidelines.

Abundant Clean Water

Besides Chessie’s nutritionally balanced diet, she must receive plenty of fresh water daily. If she doesn’t slurp enough of this life-critical liquid, she might experience dehydration; and that can trigger stress. Lack of sufficient water can also factor into some medical conditions.

Every morning, fill her water bowl; and top it off throughout the day. Because cats seem to enjoy a flowing water source, buy her a pet faucet. Although canned food provides water, consult your vet before revising her diet.

Comfy Elevated Perch

Although Chessie looks sweet and charming, she’s still a natural predator who would appreciate a high vantage point for hunting prey. Fortunately, she doesn’t have to worry about finding food; so she’ll use her cat tower to observe your family. Give her a small enclosed sleeping nook, too. If she seems spellbound by the backyard birds, place the cat tree next to the best viewing window.

Multiple Scratching Surfaces

Cats have a natural scratching instinct. To satisfy her craving, give your feline companion a personal scratching post or similarly textured object. If possible, give her horizontal and vertical scratching surfaces. If you have several cats, give each feline a scratching spot.

If your cat can’t exercise her claws, she’ll likely experience stress. To relieve her angst, she could destroy your furniture, curtains, and/or carpet.

Playtime and Cuddling

Consistent daily exercise can help Chessie reduce stress. At least twice daily, engage in a 20-30 minute playtime session. If she seems too animated, lead her to a secluded cardboard “hide box” where she can relax.

Schedule some mood-enhancing daily cuddling time. As you stroke her coat, feel for anything abnormal. If you notice something, bring it to your vet’s attention.

Try to avoid upsetting Chessie’s daily routine; and tell your vet if she seems anxious. To give your cat a minimum-stress lifestyle, contact your Riverside County, CA pet clinic for expert assistance.

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