Tips for Finding Your Ideal Canine Companion

You’re ready to add a canine companion to your family. Before selecting your brand-new housemate, research dogs’ nutrition, exercise, and general care needs. Soak up knowledge from your dog-owning friends. Most importantly, get expert advice from your Coachella Valley, CA veterinarian. Give considerable thought to choosing your new pooch, as he (or she) will likely be with you for many years.

Lifestyle-Loving Companion

You’re happy with your lifestyle, and you’d like a friendly dog to share your experiences. If you enjoy daily jogging, bicycling, or another vigorous outdoor sport, an energetic working or sporting dog might be an ideal exercise partner.

Perhaps you like settling down at home. Relaxing with a good book, or watching a favorite TV show or movie, is the perfect way to spend an evening. A calm smaller dog would probably love to keep you company.

Take plenty of time to make this decision. If you choose a dog who doesn’t mesh with your lifestyle, you and your canine companion will both be miserable.

Breed Selection Details

Every purebred dog breed has documented health and behavioral issues. To evaluate a mixed-breed canine, study the predominant breed’s traits. Learn about each breed’s size, temperament, energy level, and personality on the American Kennel Club (AKC) website.

Regular Grooming Requirements

By keeping your canine companion well groomed, he’ll enjoy a better quality of life. Although that flowing-coated show dog captivated you, this high-maintenance canine might need extensive brushing and frequent grooming appointments. If you don’t have the time – or budget – for that commitment, you’ll soon have a horribly matted dog who’s in great discomfort. Instead, consider a short-coated pooch who will thrive with less maintenance.

Breeder-Raised or Shelter/Rescue Dog?

Once you’ve pinpointed the perfect pooch, decide where you’ll find him. Avoid pet store puppies or dogs bred in the owner’s home. These unfortunate canines are often prone to parasites and contagious diseases.

Although you might consider a breeder-raised purebred, animal shelters and rescue groups accept thousands of adoptable pooches yearly. In fact, regional breed rescue groups often have purebred dogs who are eager to find a loving home.

After you choose your canine housemate, your Coachella Valley, CA veterinarian will give your dog a new patient exam. He’ll also prescribe a tasty, nutritious diet. To give your new companion a great start, contact us for expert assistance.


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