Help Your Cat to Win His Weight Battle

Your orange tabby Seymour has always been a husky guy. This bossy seven-year-old cat has a solid, muscular build; and he sometimes resembles a pro football player. For many years, your companion kept himself fit with vigorous daily exercise. In fact, he could gobble kibbles and treats without gaining weight. When he turned six, however, he reduced his activities but kept raking in calories. Now, his stomach swings sideways when he walks. You don’t want Seymour to encounter weight-related medical problems. Tomorrow, he’ll visit your Riverside County, CA vet for a physical checkup and nutritional counseling.

Plenty of Pudgy Cats

Overweight cats have been popping up everywhere. Although many felines are chubby, some are literally obese. Roughly 40 to 50 percent of spoiled-rotten cats nationwide have eaten too much for their pathetic activity levels. These feline couch potatoes – including Seymour – are more susceptible to soft-tissue injuries and osteoarthritis. They can suffer from overworked muscles, ligaments, and joints.

Feline Carnivore Quandary

As a natural hunter, Seymour would probably like to stalk (and eat) mice and birds daily. Because they’re off limits, you believed a well-known commercial food would provide essential nutrients. However, many mass-produced blends don’t contain the quality protein your cat needs. Instead, the products include plant proteins, which he doesn’t metabolize as efficiently as animal-derived proteins.

Your feline companion lacks enzymes that help him to metabolize extra carbohydrates. Because his body doesn’t know how to handle the carbs, it stockpiles them as fat. His cat treats provide little nutritional benefit; and they’re loaded with carbs, flavor enhancers, and empty calories.

Pre-Program Medical Checkup

Your vet wants Seymour to drop some weight. However, she’ll first rule out metabolic and/or medical conditions that could prevent him from safely slimming down. She’ll analyze blood work and urinalysis results before making that decision.

Weight Management Program

If your vet gives the “thumbs up,” she’ll design your cat’s weight management program. She’ll probably select a specialty blend that promotes healthy weight loss. She might choose a structured feeding schedule with limited (or no) treats. Stick to the vet’s plan for optimum results.

Provide sluggish Seymour with regular vet-approved exercise. His body will gradually begin to shed that unhealthy weight; and his overall health should improve. To help your overweight cat to trim down, contact your Riverside County, CA vet for expert advice.

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