Key Points of Great Bunny Care

Have you recently adopted a rabbit? Bunnies have been beloved pets for hundreds of years, and with good reason. They are not only super cute, they’re full of personality, and lots of fun. Floppy’s care needs are quite different from Fido and Fluffy’s, however, so if you’re a first-time bunny owner, you’ll want to do some research. A Riverside County, CA veterinarian goes over some basic aspects of bunny care in this article.


Good nutrition is essential to your furry buddy’s health. Floppy should always have plenty of fresh grass hay, such as Timothy hay. Your cute little pal can have commercial food for her main meals. You’ll want to supplement this with suitable fresh produce. Ask your vet for more specific nutritional recommendations, including portion sizes and safe and unsafe foods.


Make sure Floppy has a comfortable, roomy cage that offers enough room for her to hop, stand up, stretch out, and play without tripping over her things. We recommend a wire cage with a solid bottom. Your furball will also need a hidey-hole, and food and water dishes. A litterbox and hayrack can also be helpful.


Your playful pet will need lots of fun toys, including plenty of chewable playthings. Some things your furball may have fun with include balls, foraging toys, and little obstacle courses. You can buy or make Floppy toys. Wood, wicker, paper, and cardboard items are all suitable, as long as they don’t have sharp edges or small pieces that could break off and choke your pet. Avoid anything coated with varnish, paint, or dye.


Floppy will need time out of her cage every day. Since rabbits need to chew to keep their teeth healthy, you’ll want to take some measures to keep both your pet and your belongings safe. Toxic plants; baseboards; wires and cords; small items; medicines; personal items, like shoes and purses; furniture legs; and plastic bags are a few things you’ll need to remove, secure, or cover. Ask your vet for more information.


Just like any other pet, bunnies need to feel loved to be truly happy. Spend time with your furball every day. Play with Floppy, teach her some cute tricks, groom her, or just talk to her.

Do you have any concerns about your bunny’s health or care? Call us, your Riverside County, CA animal hospital, today!

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