Keeping Your Kitty Indoors

Are you considering keeping your cat indoors? Good for you! While we know that Fluffy loves fun outdoor activities like climbing up your screen door, sunbathing, and leaving paw prints on your car, she’s actually much better off inside. Below, a Riverside County, CA vet discusses keeping kitties indoors.

Risks Outdoor Cats Face

As soon as Fluffy sets those cute little paws outside, she is exposed to many serious dangers. Not only could your furball be hit by a car, she could also encounter dangerous animals, such as coyotes, wild dogs, other cats, or even snakes. Weather is also a risk: soaring temperatures, lightning storms, and sudden rains can all endanger your pet. Cats that go outdoors are also more likely to pick up harmful parasites, and have a much greater risk of getting lost, hurt, or even killed. Your feline friend will definitely be safer and healthier as an indoor pet!

Changing The Rules

If you tell Fluffy about the dangers we’ve just described, you’ll probably only get a yawn or a slow blink in reply. You may need to resort to bribery to get your cat to accept living indoors. Offer your furry pal lots of fun toys and kitty furniture, like pet tents or tipis, and make sure she has lots of beds to snuggle up in. Set some pet-safe plants around your home, so your feline friend can get a taste of the outdoors. We also recommend getting a cat tree or tower. Another way to keep your pet amused is to offer her some live entertainment: put a bird feeder in your yard, and then give your kitty a comfy window seat, so she can birdwatch and sunbathe. To really bring on the purr, put all of Fluffy’s things in a patio or sunroom, and make it a catio.

Convincing The Cat

Even if you’ve successfully turned your home into a kitty mansion, Fluffy may still want to get out. If you catch your adventurous feline sniffing at the door, squirt her with water. You can also make a loud noise: bang two pans together, or sound a horn. After a few incidents, your furball will hopefully start reconsidering her desire to get outside.

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