How to Turn Your Patio Into a Catio

Have you decided to keep your feline friend indoors? If so, you’ve made a great decision! Your kitty will be both safer and healthier living indoors, where she is safe from dangers presented by cars, weather, predators, and other hazards. Fluffy may not be happy about the new rules, however, especially if she’s been outdoors before. It’s up to you to make the indoor life fun and exciting for your pet. One way to do that is to provide your furball with a catio. A screened-in porch or patio can make a wonderful catio, but you can also use a sunroom, or even a spare room. Below, a Riverside County, CA vet discusses creating a catio.

Kitty Furniture

Start by incorporating a few pieces of kitty furniture. A cat tree or tower is an excellent choice, as it offers your feline friend a napping spot, nail care station, jungle gym, and a high vantage point. You can also add pet tents or tipis, or even some plain boxes. You don’t have to spend a fortune on Fluffy’s things: you can also go the DIY route, and make cat furniture for your furry buddy.


We all know how much kitties love their beauty rest! Make sure Fluffy’s catio contains lots of comfy beds and napping spots.


No catio is complete without fun kitty toys. Offer your playful pet some classic cat toys, like catnip mice and little balls. You can also give Fluffy robotic mice, kitty tunnels, and other fun playthings. Another great way to keep your furball amused is to install a birdfeeder in your yard, in a spot where she can see it.

A Taste of Nature

Adding pet-safe plants to your catio is a great way to bring the outside in for Fluffy. They will help keep the catio smelling fresh, and will give your furry pal the chance to peek out at you through green leaves. Be sure to choose only plants that are safe for kitties. Some good options are ponytail palms, rubber trees, and spider plants. Catnip and cat grass are also great choices. You can find a full list of toxic and nontoxic plants on the ASPCA website.

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