National Dog Biscuit Day

Did you know that National Dog Biscuit Day is coming up? If it were up to Fido, every day would be National Dog Biscuit Day, but the official date is February 23rd: we checked! Here, a Riverside County, CA vet discusses doggy snacks.

History of Dog Biscuits

While the first mention of doggy treats (dog bread, to be specific) dates back to ancient Rome, we’ve probably been offering our four-legged pals yummy treats since long before that. After all, Fido has been our friend and companion for thousands of years. At first, dogs earned their keep by guarding our homes and herds, and helping us track and hunt game. However, it probably didn’t take our canine buddies very long to realize that many of us are suckers for sad puppy dog eyes.

Choosing Dog Biscuits

Grocery stores and pet stores offer an overwhelming number of dog treats. When shopping for Fido, choose products with ingredients you can identify. Look for a brand that lists meat as the first and most numerous item.

Homemade Treats

Another option is to make your pup’s treats. You’ll find lots of great recipes online. Choose ones that use only healthy, dog-safe ingredients, like plain, boneless meat, fish, or poultry; ripe bananas; cheese; eggs; spinach; pureed pumpkin or squash; liver powder; wheat germ oil; whole wheat flour; plain yogurt; and/or bacon bits. Never give your pet garlic, onions, and chives; grapes, currants, and raisins; chocolate; avocados; caffeine; alcohol; and/or nuts. Ask your vet for more information.


Fido may very well have you wrapped around his paws when it comes to begging. That soulful stare can be hard to ignore! However, at the end of the day, begging is bad petiquette, and is one of the biggest reasons so many of our canine patients are, well, chubby. Limit the amount of treats your pet gets, and don’t fall for your furry pal’s theatrics.


Treats are very helpful for training dogs. They offer our canine companions an immediate reward for doing something right, and can help keep Fido interested in school. When training your four-legged buddy, choose smaller snacks, like cut-up hot dogs. You don’t want to overfeed your adorable pupil: he might fall asleep in class!

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