6 Great Reasons to Brush Your Cat Regularly

Do you brush your cat? If so, that’s great! While it isn’t absolutely necessary to brush your feline buddy, there are many reasons to consider doing so. Below, a Riverside County, CA vet lists some key reasons to brush your cat.

Smooth, Shiny Fur

Fluffy may spend hours every day carefully grooming herself, but that doesn’t mean she can’t use a little help with her beauty routine. Brushing will get the dead fur, dander, mats, and tangles from your feline friend’s coat, leaving her looking smooth, shiny, and, of course, absolutely adorable.

Cooler Kitty

Dead fur can impact the insulating qualities of Fluffy’s fur, making it harder for her to stay cool. Brushing your kitty will help keep her more comfortable in summer.


Regular brushing is great for cats’ circulation. This is great for Fluffy physically, especially as she ages.

Reduce Hairballs

If you have a kitty, there’s a good chance that you’ve had a few encounters with hairballs. Hairballs form when cats accidentally ingest their own fur while grooming themselves. Brushing your cat regularly can help reduce hairballs, because you’ll be removing that dead fur from Fluffy’s coat before she swallows it. (Note: hairballs can be dangerous for cats. If your feline pal seems to be getting an excessive amount of them, contact your vet. You may also want to give your kitty hairball remedy.)

Fur Control

Do you often find yourself cleaning your feline pal’s fur off your furniture and clothing? Brushing Fluffy will help reduce the amount of cat hair you find spread out over everything. You’ll be capturing that dead fur and dander in the brush before it gets stuck to your shirt or sofa.


Many kitties love being brushed! The trick is to never force your furball to submit to being groomed. Instead, get her to like it. Choose a time when your feline friend is feeling relaxed, and perhaps a bit sleepy. Start by just petting her. Then, slowly incorporate the brush, moving in the direction of your cat’s fur. To activate the purr, talk to Fluffy in a soothing tone of voice. That way, your furry little diva will feel loved, pampered, and spoiled.

Do you have any questions or concerns about your cat’s health? Contact us, your Riverside County, CA animal hospital, today! We will provide your kitty with excellent veterinary care.

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