Spotlight on Litterboxes

Kitties are cute, hilarious, bossy, sleepy, lovable, affectionate, and playful. They’re also very clean! One great thing about Fluffy is that she will use her own personal powder room to see to her needs. That brings us to today’s topic: litterboxes. We know, it would be more fun to put our spotlight on kitten care or cat toys, but your cat’s litterbox is a crucial part of her care regimen. A local Riverside County, CA discusses litterboxes in this article.

Choosing Litter

When shopping for Fluffy, there are a few things to keep in mind. Your cat’s purrsonal preferences are one thing to consider. For instance, some kitties may like scented litters, while others may prefer clumping ones. If you have a kitten, avoid clay or clumping litters for a while, as they aren’t safe for baby furballs. Ask your vet for recommendations.


Kitties can be quite particular about litterbox placement. Fluffy’s powder room should be in an area that does not get too hot or too cold, and is easy for her to reach. Privacy is another thing to consider: just like people, cats prefer a bit of solitude!

Litterbox Woes

While kitties are usually very diligent about using their litterboxes, sometimes they do start avoiding them. There can be several reasons for this. An unclean litterbox is one common cause: no one likes a dirty bathroom! Medical issues can also be to blame. If Fluffy stops using her litterbox, have a vet examine her immediately. Or, your furball may simply not like the size, style, or placement of her litterbox, or the type of litter you’re using. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Clever Décor Tricks

While Fluffy’s litterbox definitely makes your life easier, it probably doesn’t do much for your décor. There are a few things you can do to camouflage your pet’s private bathroom, even in an apartment. A folding screen is one option: set it kitty-corner, with the litterbox behind it. Or, try repurposing an old end table with doors. Cut a kitty-size hole in one side for Fluffy to use as a door. You’ll be able to use the regular doors for access. You can also find some great custom pieces that are made to disguise litterboxes.

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