New Cat Owner Checklist

Is a new kitty joining your household? Congratulations! Your new feline friend will no doubt waste little time in melting your heart with her cute furry face and adorable antics. When you bring Fluffy home, you’ll want to have everything she needs ready and waiting for her. Read on as a Riverside County, CA vet lists some things to put on your shopping list.


If you can, find out what your kitty has been eating, and get that brand for now. Consult your vet before making changes. It’s important to give your pet high-quality food, but you don’t want to change your furball’s menu too quickly. If your vet recommends changing Fluffy’s food, make those adjustments slowly, so your cat doesn’t get an upset stomach. You’ll need to get some dishes, too.


Toys are of course great fun for Fluffy, but they also keep her active and entertained, and provide beneficial mental stimulation. Pick up a variety of kitty playthings, and see which one your furry pal likes best. (Note: be sure to put string toys away after use, as they can be an entanglement hazard.)


If you have a senior cat, get a litterbox with low sides, as this will be easier for Fluffy to get in and out of. If you have a kitten, you may want to get a small litterbox for now. Also, for kittens, avoid clay and clumping litters for now: they aren’t safe for baby cats.


Next up on the list is one of Fluffy’s favorite things: comfy napping spots. Pick up a few pet beds, and set out soft folded blankets for your sleepy pet.

Pet Furniture

Cat furniture is great for kitties’ health and well-being! Keep your pet’s age in mind when shopping. A kitten will appreciate a cat tower or a fun activity center with dangling toys, while an older cat may prefer something that’s closer to the ground and easier to get in and out of. Fluffy will also need a manicure station, so pick up a scratching post or board.


In addition to the things listed above, we recommend getting some grooming supplies and a pet first aid kit. You may also want to pick up some kitty treats.

Please contact us, your Riverside County, CA animal clinic, for all your pet’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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