8 Cute Ways to Keep Your Cat Purring

Our feline friends are very popular pets, and with good reason. One of the many great things about cats is that they really don’t ask for much. Just providing your furball with good food, a clean litterbox, and regular veterinary care will cover her basic needs. However, if you really want to go above and beyond, read on for some great suggestions from a local Riverside County, CA vet on how to pamper your cat.

Kitty Garden

Kitties are much safer living indoors. However, there’s no reason Fluffy can’t enjoy a taste of the outdoors. Set out some non-toxic plants, so your ferocious furball can hide behind them and playfully ambush you as you walk past. Check the ASPCA website for suggestions.


Toys will help keep your cat active, entertain her when you’re gone, and offer her beneficial mental stimulation. Make sure Fluffy has plenty of suitable playthings. Catnip mice are great, but you can also get your kitty robotic toys, automated laser pointers, or even mechanical fish!


Did you know that there are game apps made just for kitties? Fluffy may love ‘catching’ digital fish on your phone or tablet!

Catnip Bubbles

Does your kitty like catnip? Get a container of catnip bubbles, and spend a few minutes playing with her. This may very well be the highlight of both your day and Fluffy’s!

Window Seat

Even if your furry pal has never hunted anything but catnip mice, she will still enjoy looking out the window and watching local wildlife. Make your kitty a comfy window seat, where she can relax and birdwatch.


Who says television is just for people? Some kitties love watching documentaries about birds and squirrels! Order Fluffy some DVDs made for cats.

Wall-Mounted Furniture

Does your furball like high places? Are you constantly plucking Fluffy off your counters or bookcases? If so, your kitty may really love some wall-mounted furniture. (Tip: look online for great DIY options.)


Spend a few minutes a day playing with Fluffy. This is a great way to amuse your kitty, and will also strengthen the bond between you. Don’t be surprised if your cat hops into your lap for some cuddles after playtime is over!

Do you have questions or concerns about your kitty’s health or care? Please contact us, your Riverside County, CA animal clinic, anytime.

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