As a loving pet parent, one of your greatest tasks is keeping your animal companion happy and healthy for as many years as possible. At Desert Dunes Animal Hospital, we’d be honored to support you in this important endeavor. That’s why we’ve established a system of care that we believe will give our patients the best chance at enjoying long, vibrant lives. Our goal is to provide for all of your animal family member’s needs in one convenient location.

All of our services are centered on a foundation of wellness care. By staying a step ahead of illness or catching it in its earliest stages, we can dramatically improve your pet’s length and quality of life. As the years go by, we’ll also be here to handle any additional medical needs that may arise for your loved one. Whether it’s a diagnostic test to evaluate an ailment, rehabilitation following an injury, advanced surgical care or something else, we’ve got your back. Together we’ll work hard to give your animal family member the best life possible.

Beyond our medical services, our clients and patients also enjoy access to a number of general pet care options. For instance, we offer full service boarding, professional grooming and adoption assistance to match animals in need with forever homes. We even have a convenient retail area where you can purchase high quality pet products, such as food and supplements. You’ll never need to go anywhere else!

For a full list of services available at Desert Dunes Animal Hospital, please see below or contact us today.


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