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10% off all dental procedures through the month of October!

Does your pet have bad breath? Unsightly toofers???

If so this can be a sign of dental decay which requires immediate attention to prevent further health problems. To help promote good dental hygiene for your loved pet family member we are happy to announce that DDAH is offering 10% off of all dental procedures for the month of September. This includes Gentle Dentals without anesthesia, Dentals with a sedative, and our full anesthetic Dentals.

Below is a list of our dental procedures:

Gentle Dental

Dental cleaning without anesthetic

This dental is indicated for calm pets that will sit with a dental technician without anesthetic and allow dental technician to scale and polish your pets teeth. We perform this on Dogs and Cats of all ages. Pet must be friendly and have no signs of loose teeth or major dental disease. This is recommended for pets with minor to moderate tartar build up and DO NOT need any dental extractions.

Gentle Dental with Sedative

Dental cleaning with sedative

This dental is indicated for anxious, nervous, or aggressive pets that would not hold still for a dental cleaning and polishing. Teeth and scaled and polished while he/she is sedated with an extremely safe and reversible tranquilizer. This is only indicated for pets that DO NOT need any dental extractions since your pet is not under general anesthesia.

Full Anesthetic Dental

Dental with general anesthesia

This dental is indicated for pets that have loose and infected teeth or moderate to major dental disease. Teeth are scaled and polished and all loose and infected teeth are extracted while under anesthesia. We use a very high grade anesthetic. We perform an ECG of the heart and blood chemistries prior to all anesthetics to ensure your pet is the best anesthetic candidate!

If you are unsure what dental your pet needs, we are happy to offer a COURTESY DENTAL EXAM with one of our experienced Dental Technicians.

Pets are family and they need dental care just like you! Your pets oral care is very important to their overall well-being, schedule an appointment for your pets COURTESY DENTAL EXAM!!

We look forward to hearing from you.

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