15% Off All Dental Procedures

15% Off All Dental Procedures in Feb.

Signs of Dental Disease

Is your pet showing any visual signs of bad breath, unsightly teeth or red inflamed gums? These could be a sign of dental decay and requires immediate attention to prevent further health problems.

Types of Dental Procedures

  1. Gentle Dental (dental cleaning without anesthetic): This is recommended for pets with minor to moderate tartar build up that DO NOT need any dental extractions.
  2. Gentle Dental with Sedative (dental cleaning with sedative): This is only indicated for pets that DO NOT need any dental extractions, since  your pet is not under anesthesia.
  3. Full Anesthetic Dental (dental with general anesthesia): This dental is indicated for pets that have loose and infected teeth or moderate to major dental disease.

Schedule an appointment for your pets courtesy dental exam with one of our trained technicians. Must be current on annual exam and vaccines.

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