20% Off Wellness Profiles

20% Off Wellness Profiles in November

What is included in our wellness blood profile?

  • CBC (Complete blood count)A complete blood count is a breakdown of your pet’s’ red and white blood cells.
  • CHEMISTRY PROFILEA chemistry profile is a large blood panel checking your pet’s kidney enzymes, liver enzymes, pancreas enzymes, and electrolytes.
  • T4 (THYROID)Thyroid hormones regulate your pet’s weight, hair quality, and overall metabolic state.
  • URINALYSISA window into your pet’s renal and liver function. This also tests for urinary crystals, inflammation and bacterial infections.


Is your pet gaining or losing weight? Drinking more water than usual? Urinating more than usual? Slowing down overall? These small changes can all be early warning signs of Thyroid Disease, Renal Disease, Diabetes and Urinary Abnormalities.

Renal Disease and Thyroid Disease are a few of the most common diseases impacting our cats and dogs today.

Early blood and urine screening is a wonderful opportunity to get a baseline on your pets health and many times can unmask early disease processes that can be treated and managed with early detection. Desert Dunes Animal Hospital is offering 20% off of our Wellness Profiles for the month of November.

Day of Remembrance “Dia de Recordar” 

Let’s honor our past furry loved ones Saturday, November 2nd. We would love to display a picture of your pet. Please feel free to email or drop a picture off so we can honor them.

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