Allergies and Dermatology

Desert Dunes Animal Hospital offers allergy and dermatological services to keep your pet as healthy on the inside as on the outside.

All pets itch at one time or another, that’s normal. However, when you start to notice that your pet is itching more frequently or all day long, it’s time to have your pet checked by your veterinarian. An examination and diagnostics by your veterinarian can help determine if the itch is due to an infection, parasites allergies and even genetics. Allergies can be triggered by pollens, molds, dust mites and other allergens in the environment.

In the desert area (The Coachella Valley) most pets with itchy skin are suffering from environmental allergies, these allergies can be treated with injections, prescriptions and diet changes. Allergies can also be food related.

Some forms of Dermatitis can be lifelong conditions, the sooner your pet is diagnosed by a doctor the sooner we can get your pet back on the road to a happy itch free life and back to doing all the things they love doing again.

How to know if your pets itch is more than just an itch

(These are some classic tell-tail signs)

  • Excessive licking, chewing, biting or scratching.
  • Excessive rolling, rubbing or scooting.
  • Chewing on foot/feet.
  • Hair loss.
  • Recurrent or continual ear problems
  • Skin changes, i.e. changes in the color of the skin or sores on the skin.
  • Redness, irritation or inflammation of the skin.
  • Scaly/flaky skin.
  • Body odor (sometimes described as smelling like sour/smelly cheese or nacho cheese Doritos tortilla chips)
  • Loss of interest in playing or interaction with the family.

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“If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s time to schedule an appointment with one of our caring veterinarians.”
Allergies Dermatology

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