Desert Dunes October Promo

15% Off All Bath Services in October


Bath Express

Includes warm bath, brush out, blow dry, nail trim/buffing and ear cleaning.

Short Hair

$20 – $70

Long Hair

$25 – $80

*Price is based on weight and must be current on vaccines.

Add to your Bath Express one of our pup pampering Paw Treatments!

Paw Treatments

(Must be combined with Bath Express)

Silver Paw $10

Teeth brushing, internal anal glands and scented spritz

Gold Paw $20

Silver Paw + ear cleaning and plucking, snout soother and breath freshener

Platinum Paw $30

Silver Paw, Gold Paw + premium shampoo & conditioner or de-shedding treatment, pads shaving, paw soother, potty patch & blueberry facial

Pawdicure $25

Paw massage – 5 minute, nail trim, buffing, pads shaving and paw soother

Doesn’t your dog deserve a pampered treatment today?

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