Your pet’s blood test results and what it means.

CBC (complete blood count)

A complete blood count is a breakdown of your pet’s red and white blood cells. Increases or decreases in red or white blood cells can show signs of clotting abnormalities, signs of infection or inflammation, and also anemia.

Chemistry Profile

A chemistry profile is a large blood panel checking your pet’s kidney enzymes, liver enzymes, pancreas enzymes, and electrolyes. Abnormalities within a Chemistry profile can include renal disease, hepatitis, pancreatitis, diabetes, hypoglycemia, and protein loss.

T4 (Thyroid)

A thyroid test is very important for your pet’s metabolic function. Elevated thyroid levels are most often seen in felines (Hyperthyroidism) and decreased thyroid levels are most often seen in canines (Hypothyroidism) Thyroid hormones regulate your pet’s weight, hair quality, and overall metabolic state.


A urinalysis test is also an additional window into your pet’s renal and liver function. This test also tests for urinary crystals, inflammation and bacterial infections.

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