Digital Radiology

Here is why we use digital radiographs

We have in-hospital digital radiographs, giving us the ability to have complete pictures in a short time. Cuattro is the company that provides us with clear, high quality radiographs. With instant images it gives us a shorter time for causes of error, like patient movement. Digital radiographs expose your pet to less radiation making it safer for them and allows us to be more efficient. With less exposure we can provide excellent images of your pet’s whole body from head to tail. Cuattro allows us to make any changes in contrast or size, compare to previous radiographs and email images to yourself or any specialists if needed.

We consult with board-certified radiologists

We have services from a Board-Certified Radiologist, DVM Insight, for consultation with results in 12-24 hours. We work alongside DVM Insight to provide a second opinion.

Contact us if you have any questions in regards to including radiographs with part of your pet’s work-up during their exam. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding radiographs.

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Digital Radiology

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