Euthanasia for Pets

At Desert Dunes Animal Hospital we will try to ease your painful goodbyes.

Pet euthanasia is a delicate and painful process for clients as they say goodbye to their beloved pets. Although we do not offer house call euthanasia, our staff at Desert Dunes Animal Hospital will try and ease your painful goodbyes when you come into our veterinary hospital.

Here is what you can expect:

  • A side entrance, if you prefer, where you can enter with your loved one.

  • We have a quieter room in the back of our hospital that is designated for euthanasia.

  • Soothing music playing if desired.

  • When a pet has passed or is being euthanized, we put up a sign in our lobby that says, “A moment of silence—in loving memory,” and light a candle at the front desk so everyone in the clinic can be respectful of the family and their loved one. Our clients really appreciate it.

  • We have a very kind client that has made special blankets for when we euthanize pets. They were made with lots of love for this difficult time.

  • Most importantly, your loved one will be handled with the utmost respect and compassion by all animal care staff.

Euthanasia – How to know when it’s time to put your beloved pet down

Ultimately, this question of when it is time to put your dog down is one only you can answer. You know your dog best. You can see the suffering in their eyes and changes to their personality.

For some people, it’s difficult to separate the need to keep their pets alive with their dog’s need to go. For others, it’s tough to separate the inconvenience of the cost and care necessary to give them a fighting chance over the ease and cost savings of the euthanasia option.

As their owner, it is your job to protect them from needless suffering, even at the cost of your own heartbreak. However, it is also your job to help them recover if there is a good chance they can do so, even if their care may take some effort. Always remember to error on the side of your dog’s highest well-being.

While the decision is yours, you don’t have to go through the experience by yourself. Our veterinarians will be there to advise you on the best treatment for your dog. Partner with them to get all the facts to make the most informed decision.

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