Exotic Animal Care

Do you have an exotic pet that doesn’t seem to be acting quite right?

Desert Dunes veterinarians are well equipped to determine whether your hyacinth macaw or colorful chameleon is in need of care. We offer routine preventative wellness care including dental and medical or treatment for more serious conditions that your exotic pet may have.

Exotic pets have special needs and it’s important to get information directly from an exotic pet veterinarian that understands the unique challenges of our desert environment and how it may affect health and well being.

Bring your exotic pet in and receive 50% off for first time visitors. Call us and schedule an appointment.

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Did you know these exotic animals are legal in California?

Information by PetHelpful

  • Zebra

  • Monitor Lizard

  • Camel

  • Water Buffalo

  • Toucan

  • Burmese Python

  • Ostrich

  • Yak

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