Laser Surgery

What are the benefits of laser surgery for your pet?

Quicker healing of the wound

Less Inflammation

Less blood loss

 Less pain

What is Laser Surgery?

(LASER) Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

Invented in the 1960’s lasers have been a major innovation in medicine and are being utilized as an extremely helpful surgical tool by doctors and veterinarians alike. We strive to offer the newest and best methods available for surgery here at Desert Dunes Animal Hospital by offering multiple procedures utilizing this advanced tool.

How it works:

Co2 lasers emit a colorless, infrared light at specific wavelengths that can coagulate, cut, char or ablate tissues depending on the wavelength, pulse duration, power density and direction of the beam. As the laser cuts it can seal nerve endings and vessels which reduces pain and offers a bloodless surgical field enabling the doctor to have precise cuts without the bleeding and improved therapeutic results.  Some of the benefits of using a surgical laser include: less pain post-surgery, less swelling, bleeding and reduction of infection due to high temperatures when cutting. All these are profound enhancements to the surgeon and patients. We also note quicker recovery times and less pain for the patient which is always a top priority. These lasers are generally used in soft tissue procedures; however, we’ve had excellent results using them for routine feline declaws and multiple other procedures. Overall, this is an amazing tool for precision, reduction in post-operative pain, reduction of bleeding, control of infections and recovery of surgical sites.

Laser Surgery for Pets

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