Oral Surgery For Pets

What are the reasons my pet would need oral surgery?

Animals may need oral surgery because of large tumors or maxillofacial trauma. Some animals need oral surgery to remove plaque from teeth, extract teeth or save teeth.

What will Desert Dunes Animal Hospital do?

Our caring staff will discuss all the benefits and risks as well as the cost of treatment at your consultation. We will address any questions or concerns you have so you understand the surgery.

What our skilled surgeons can do

From routine Epulis (tumor) removals to invasive oral tumors we provide a thorough removal of abnormal tissues from the oral cavity. Our surgeons take adequate margins to deter reoccurrence, offer debulking procedures if invasive and always take the pet’s quality of life into consideration. We use every tool available to be sure your pet is comfortable and pain free throughout the assessment, procedure and recovery.

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Oral Surgery for Pets

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