Pet Dentistry

Why does your cat or dog need advanced dental treatment?

Pets are family and they may need advanced dental care just like you! Oral health is very important for a happy, healthy pet. Periodontal disease can cause harm to your dog or cat if left untreated. Prevention is key to your pet’s health. Our loving vets will handle your pet dentistry with great care.

Do you notice?

Bad breath

Tartar buildup

Red gums

 Discolored or broken teeth

If you notice any of the these please consider bringing your pet in for a dental examination with one of our wonderful veterinarians. We are happy to help recommend which dental procedure is best for your pet.

What do we offer?

At Desert Dunes Animal Hospital we offer a couple options of dental care;

Anesthetic Dentals and Gentle Dental.

Anesthetic Dental

Your pet. Our anesthetic dentals include the following:

  • IV Catheter
  • ECG (the electrocardiography is sent to a specialist prior the pet being under general anesthesia so we can know their heart is healthy to proceed)
  • Blood work (known as a Chem I, it gives us information about your pet’s liver, kidney, electrolytes, RBCs, and WBCs)
  • Ultrasonic Scaling below and above the gum line for the best teeth cleaning
  • Prophy paste polish
  • Fluoride rinse

Other Procedures

  • Teeth extractions
  • Dental radiographs

A veterinarian will determine if these are recommended during your pet’s dental.

Gentle Dental

Gentle Dental is another procedure we offer at Desert Dunes Animal Hospital. We use an injectable form of light sedation that will help your pet be stress free during their dental cleaning.

Our Gentle Dentals include:

  • Ultrasonic scaling
  • Prophy paste polish
  • Fluoride rinsing

6 Years or Younger

If your pet is 6 years or younger then all they need is a recommendation and current exam from one of our veterinarians to have a Gentle Dental.

7 Years or Older

If your pet is 7 years or older and has a recommendation and a current exam from one of our veterinarians then their Gentle Dental includes blood work prior to their teeth cleaning.

Brushing for Dogs and Cats

Canine Dental Care Brushing for Dogs
Feline Dental Care Brushing for Cats

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“Your pet’s dental care is a priority at Desert Dunes Animal Hospital”
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