Pet Prescriptions

Dog Prescription

Do you need a friend in life? Pet prescription may be what you’re looking for. Discover relief from fatigue, depression and stress. Discover dog! Prescription strength dog is the non harmful treatment that is shown to lower blood pressure, reduce risk of heart disease and prevent allergies. They also may reduce stress levels, decrease anxiety and depression, strengthen your immune system and increase social interaction. Discover better health. Ask your veterinarian about dogs. Side effects may differ depending on the dog.

Cat Prescription

Need some excitement in your day? A et prescription could be exactly what you need. Find a way to lower your cholesterol, relieve your depression, and strengthen your health, with cat. In clinical studies, prescription strength cat has been shown to decrease anxiety and triglyceride levels. Discover better health and a new and improved life by living with these felines. Talk to your local veterinarian today to see if cat is right for you. Side effects may vary depending on the type of cat you get.

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