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March Arthritis Prevention Special

Arthritis Prevention


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Brrrrrr….its cold and those joints are achy!

Osteoarthritis is one of the leading reasons for chronic pain in dogs. Osteoarthritis causes pain, joint inflammation, and mild to severe limitations in mobility. Pain and mobility complications can greatly reduce a pet’s quality of life and at times even shorten their life expectancy. A few small changes and early prevention that can significantly slow or prevent tissue damage and pain caused by arthritis.

Natural Anti Inflammatory and Joint Health Medications

Dasuquin (for dogs) and Cosuquin (for cats): These are non prescription nutraceutical products that have been proven to increase joint health and decrease cartilage destruction. These medications are not toxic to liver and kidney health, and do not interfere with other medications. *Adequan Canine is an FDA-approved injectable, disease-modifying osteoarthritis drug that inhibits cartilage loss in the joint, and may help to restore joint lubrication and relieve inflammation. It also renews the building blocks of healthy cartilage.

Weight Management

Preventing obesity long term will significantly benefit your pet as they age and lesson mobility complications exacerbated by obesity.

Diets for joint health

We offer multiple diet options for dogs suffering from all stages of arthritis. These diets can be fed to any dog over 10 months old to help maintain your pet’s joint integrity J/D (Dry and wet form). This is a joint support diet for dogs that are not overweight Metabolic Mobility (Dry form only). This is for dogs that need weight loss along with joint support.

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February Dental Special

Pet Gum Disease


Pets are family and they need dental care just like you!

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*Valid for all pets that have a current annual exam.

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Procedure Types Offered

Gentle Dental

Dental cleaning without anesthetic. This dental is indicated for pets that will sit with a dental technician, without anesthetic, and allow a dental technician to scale and polish teeth. We perform this on Dogs and Cats of all ages. Pet must be friendly and have no signs of loose teeth and major dental disease. This is recommended for pets with minor to moderate tartar build up and DO NOT need any dental extractions.

Gentle Dental with Sedative

Dental cleaning with sedative. This dental is indicated for anxious, nervous or aggressive pets that would not hold still for a dental cleaning and polishing. Teeth are scaled and polished while pet is sedated with extremely safe and reversible tranquilizer. This is only indicated for pets that DO NOT need any dental extractions, since your pet is not under general anesthesia.

Full Anesthetic Dental

Dental with general anesthesia. This dental is indicated for pets that have loose or infected teeth, or moderate to major dental disease. Teeth are scaled and polished, and all loose and infected teeth are extracted while under anesthesia. We use a very high grade anesthetic. We perform an ECG of the heart and blood chemistries prior to all anesthetics to ensure your pet is the best anesthetic candidate!

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