Dog and Cat Boarding

Just like how daycare works for kids; in a nutshell, pet boarding is daycare for your pets. The only difference is that most owners use canine or feline boarding when they have to leave their pets for more than a few days. As a result, organizations that offer boarding facilities must provide proper care for all animals that they take in. It’s their responsibility to make sure every dog or cat that walks through get properly fed, exercised and pampered. Pet wellness is the number one priority.

Will my pet be happy?

An Introductory Course to Pet Boarding (2019). Don’t leave your pets behind without peace of mind.

Wanna get away? This three word phrase is synonymous with Southwest Airlines’s famous ad campaign. It’s a simple concept. Drop everything and disappear to a destination. However, we all know that life isn’t that simple, especially if you’re a pet owner. What happens if you need to go somewhere and you can’t find a sitter? No responsible owner would ever leave their pets home alone for an extended period of time. This is where pet boarding comes in.

Let’s dive right in.

What can I expect from a Pet Boarding Facility?

Services and features can differ depending on the facility that you visit. Some boarding kennels may be better equipped to handle your cat or dog due to the uniqueness of your pet and the resources that the facility may have.  If you have pets in the Coachella Valley, Desert Dunes Animal Hospital offers quality pet boarding to fit all of your furry friend’s needs. Whether it’s dog boarding or cat boarding, the facilities and services provided are all designed by professional veterinarians to ensure that your pet gets the best care possible. 

Features of Pet Boarding at Desert Dunes Animal Hospital:

  • Outside exercise multiple times a day
  • Sanitized, cleanly housing & bedding
  • Top veterinarian approved pet food, (or whatever food, the owner provides)
  • Proper medications if necessary
  • Controlled play areas, with shade and misting from the heat
  • Veterinarians are readily available for any emergency

How do I prepare for Boarding?

Before you take your loved one to a boarding facility, you should make sure that they are adequately prepped for it. Normally, your pet will encounter a lot of interaction with other animals. If your buddy is wary or hostile to strangers you should communicate with our boarding facility ahead of time. The last thing you want is to leave your furry friend behind and have them refuse to eat or cooperate with their temporary caretakers. 

 Another important thing you should consider is your pet’s health. In a pet boarding facility, they will be around a lot of other animals. Above all else, make sure that your dog or cat is current with all of their vaccinations. This will prevent your loved one from infecting others as well as getting sick themselves. One benefit of pet boarding with Desert Dunes, is the fact that your animal’s well being will be handled by our excellent veterinarians. If you’re already one of our clients, our vets will know your pet firsthand and will be able to give them the special treatment they deserve. In addition, any health concerns, behavior problems, or pre-existing conditions will not be an issue for a vet. 

Always, ask questions when you visit a pet boarding facility. Look at reviews, research and even ask for references when you’re looking at different options. Take a look at the dogs and cats already in boarding and pay attention to their behavior and how they interact with their caretakers. This should give you a small glimpse of how the animals feel about a particular facility. Remember, both you and your buddy should feel comfortable before you decide anything.

Dog Boarding

Dogs are generally the most common pet when it comes to pet boarding. Similar to their human counterparts, every dog is different. Some are hyper and playful,  some are shy and passive, while others are somewhere in between. It’s important that you as an owner understand your dog and what type of situation you may possibly leave them in. When boarding a dog, your number one concern is to ensure that your dog is comfortable with you leaving them behind for an extended period of time. 

If you have a sensitive or anxious pet, try socializing them with other dogs and people a few months prior to your trip. This will familiarize your furry friend with the outside world and help them smoothly transition into pet boarding. 

Personalize your dog’s needs

Remember your dog is a part of your family. If you want to make sure they are taken care of splendidly, take the extra steps and communicate with your pet boarding facility. Does your dog exercise a lot daily? Let your caretakers know, or pay extra to have them exercise your friend more on a daily basis. What does your dog like to eat? Do they prefer anything specific? If they do, then bring a package of their favorite pet treats and munchies. Luckily, our pet boarding experts encourage owners to bring their own dog food so that the animals are eating something they are familiar with. Does your pup have a favorite toy? It doesn’t hurt to bring it along. Strive to make your dog’s boarding experience feel like home. This will lower their stress levels and generally make them happier.

Achieve peace of mind with pet boarding

Pet boarding can be a big decision for many pet owners. You’re choosing to leave your furry loved one in the care of professionals. They are responsible for looking after your dog every day from sunrise to sunset. Don’t let it scare you, however. If you’re in need of pet boarding in the Coachella Valley for your feline or canine, Desert Dunes Animal Hospital has you covered. From the time your pet arrives until they go home, your pet will be pampered and cared for by our loving boarding staff. If you have any questions or inquiries about our facility or pet boarding in general, don’t hesitate to contact us.